PROPRICER™ Customer Service Portal

Account Setup 

Some areas of the Customer Service Portal do not require you to log in, such as Knowledge Articles and Forums.  If you wish to access other areas of the Portal like opening a Case, managing your licenses, downloading products, or more, you must first log in to the Portal.

Gaining Access to the Customer Service Portal

To gain access to the new portal you will need to request an invitation.  You may do so by following these steps:
  • Click the “Request Invitation”  button, located at the top right hand side of the page
  • Fill the “Request Invitation” form you were navigated to, then click ‘Submit’
If you’ve previously had an account to the former PROPRICER Support Portal, upon submission of the “Request Invitation” form, you will receive an automated email communication.  This email will include a link to redeem your invitation via an embedded invitation code (New users may be required to provide more information, prior to receiving their invitation).

Redeeming your Customer Service Portal Invitation

Once you have received your aforementioned portal invitation email, click the link within the email to redeem your invite.
The link will bring you back to the PROPRICER Customer Service Portal webpage and pre-populate your invitation code.  Hit “Register” in order to complete the process.
Please note, should your invitation code not pre-populate for any reason, be sure to copy and paste the code text included in the email.  Should the email link not navigate you to the Redeem Invitation page, follow these steps:
  • Go to
  • Click the “Sign In” button, located at the top right corner of the page
  • Click the “Redeem Invitation” tab 
  • Enter your invitation code, then hit “Register”

Confirming your PROPRICER Profile

Once you have redeemed your invitation code, you will be navigated to a standard “create your profile” form.
When you’re finished creating your username and password, you will be navigated to your profile page, where you’ll be asked to enter your information and confirm your email. 
Please be sure to complete both of those steps before proceeding.
Once your profile has been created, you will be able to navigate back to your Profile Section, by clicking your name at the top right corner, then selecting ‘Profile’.

Doing so gives you the option to update your personal information, change your email and/or password, and identify your contact preferences.

We hope you enjoy the new PROPRICER Customer Service Portal! 
-PROPRICER Customer Success Team