Release Notes: PROPRICER™  Version 9.3 Build 107 

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Please call Technical Support at 951-693-0440 if you have questions about this build of PROPRICER.


 Release Date: January 23, 2020

 Version: 9.3.107

 Contains Database Upgrade: Yes

 Current Database Version: 146

 Current Package/Stored Proc. Ver.: 146

 Release: R6

 Model Version: 9.3.7

 Contains Server Upgrade: Yes
 *.NET Framework 4.6.1 required



Early Warning: End of Support for Windows 7

PROPRICER v9.3.107 is the last release that will run in Windows 7. After this release, PROPRICER will only be compatible with Windows 8 or later.


If you are upgrading from a version of PROPRICER that is older than 9.3.103, and have a Concurrent License type, please contact Technical Support to retrieve a new Concurrent license key for the new build. This only applies to Concurrent License types, not Single Workstation. 

From v9.2

There is no need to deactivate PROPRICER v9.2 prior to installing v9.3. During the installation and after the initial opening of v9.3, the user will be prompted to migrate their license to v9.3.

From v9.0

Any customers directly upgrading from v9.0 to v9.3 will need to perform a few additional steps. Since PROPRICER v9.3 installs in a NEW directory, those who have already installed and used v9.0 will need to deactivate your copies of v9.0 (Help > About > Deactivate) before upgrading. To complete this process:

  • Uninstall the v9.0 client and server applications,
  • Install the new v9.3 server and client,
  • Then register the new version.
These extra steps are a necessary part of the upgrade process. Your license keys reflect the use of PROPRICER as a product, rather than any specific version. For example, if you have ten available PROPRICER seats via your license agreement and you have two versions activated on the same machine, you are essentially using two of your ten available seats. By deactivating v9.0 prior to installing v9.3, you regain an available seat of PROPRICER and make it available for other users within your organization.

First-time Installations

When installing PROPRICER for the first time (with a combo, all-in-one installer) on a stand-alone computer with no internet connection, .Net Framework 4.6.1 is required. If the computer does not have this, download it from the Microsoft website and install it prior to running the PROPRICER installer. If you do have .Net Framework 4.6.1 already installed on your computer, make sure it is enabled before running the installer.




Access Tags

Access tags allow system administrators to quickly give groups of users permission to view proposals, folders, tables, and library items in PROPRICER. When an access tag is removed from a user, that person no longer sees data with the same tag assigned to it. Companies that use a single PROPRICER database for many departments, business units, office locations, etc. will get the most out of this security feature.

PROPRICER Import/Export Tool

All installations of PROPRICER come with the new Import/Export Tool. This add-in for Microsoft Excel simplifies pulling global and proposal data from PROPRICER, updating it in Excel, and sending it back to PROPRICER. It also lets you fill in a blank, pre-formatted template when you don’t need to work off of existing PROPRICER data. Other features of the tool include error validation options, process logs, and the ability to adapt to a user’s role rights and access tags.


  • The Comparison Direct Rate Report compares multiple direct rate tables. It shows the rate deltas between resources and highlights those differences in red.

  • The Comparison Indirect Rate Report compares multiple indirect rate tables. It shows the rate deltas between indirect pools and highlights those differences in red.

  • The Comparison Proposal Rate Report compares the average direct rates and average input indirect rates in multiple proposals. It shows the rate deltas between resources and highlights those differences in red. Data can be printed by year, quarter, month, or phase, or it can be printed with no timescale.

  • The Comparison Project Cost Breakdown Report is only in PROPRICER Government Edition. It uses normalized data to show the cost deltas between multiple proposals in a comparison project.

  • DOE Form 4620 is for organizations seeking a research award from the U.S. Department of Energy. It shows a summary of the entire budget being requested, and it breaks the budget down by fiscal year on separate pages. In the Report Defaults, there is a new DOE Form 4620 section for setting up the line items in the report.




  • The Material input tab and Material View have a new way to show assemblies and parts in a proposal. Flat mode provides an expanded list of all the materials, and it allows you to group the data by material ID, assembly/part name, cost source, etc. The Hierarchical display from previous versions of PROPRICER is still available, and it is the default mode. To switch display modes, use the right-click menu or the Ctrl+D keyboard shortcut.

  • In the Parts Library, the Part Number character limit is now 255.

  • In the Parts and Assemblies Libraries, the Revision Number character limit is now 255.

Named Pipes Protocol

The Named Pipes protocol is enabled so that PROPRICER can run on a single computer when TCP/IP is prohibited. In this situation, the PROPRICER client automatically connects to PROPRICER Application Server through a named pipe, if one exists.

Copy Data from Grids

Nearly every grid in PROPRICER allows you to copy rows of data to your clipboard so you can put it in another application, such as a spreadsheet. Hold Shift or Ctrl while selecting the rows you need, press Ctrl+C to copy, then press Ctrl+V in the other application to paste the information.

Time-Phased Travel Rate Tables

Travel Rate Tables have a new Timescale property with Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, and None as options. Selecting a timescale changes the table layout, giving you greater control over the travel expenses for a destination. Each expense gets a separate tab with two additional panes that let you escalate the rate on a time-phased basis. For example, you can have quarterly per diem rates, hotel rates, etc. in one table, and monthly expense rates in another.

The properties of Travel Rate Tables also include new rental car settings to help manage rental periods that last more than a month.

When a proposal uses time-phased travel rates, running the Update Travel process is unnecessary. Instead, changes in the assigned Travel Rate Table are immediately reflected in the proposal.

In reports printed to Excel with the Export Full Pricing option selected, there is a new worksheet for time-phased travel rates.

Decimal Precision in XML Import/Export

When proposal data is exported to XML, the resource spread information in the XML file now includes the Precision field. This field specifies the decimal precision of resource estimates, so the data remains consistent once it’s brought back into PROPRICER. Although the Precision field is exposed in the XML file, it does not appear in the PROPRICER user interface.

AutoFilter Row Keyboard Shortcut

The keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+F quickly shows or hides the AutoFilter Row in grids. Alternatively, you can still show/hide the AutoFilter Row through the right-click menu, as in previous versions of PROPRICER.

Start and End Days for Tasks and Spread Periods

Proposals have a new Start/End Date Type property with Month/Year and Day/Month/Year as options. Selecting the latter allows you to start and end the proposal, tasks, and spread periods on specific days. If you distribute labor resource estimates with a curve, and the first or last month of the spread period isn’t a full month, PROPRICER will prorate the hours/equivalent heads.

Role Rights for Resource Tables

Additional lower-level role rights for resource tables help system administrators determine how other people can use them in reports. For each system-defined resource table, the Access right is available. For new resource tables, the Access, Edit, and Delete rights are available.

Calculated Field in Report Designer

The new Calculated Field makes mathematical operations with numeric resource fields possible in reports. After adding Calculated Field to a report’s design, the report options include a parameter called Field Calculation. There, you select a resource field and specify how its values will be used in calculations. For example, you could multiply the direct cost of resources by their resource field values, or divide their hours by their field values.


You may now add, edit, or delete the SOW/BOE text during the Open step of the workflow.




Technical Support Cases

  • [19071] In PROPRICER Small Business Edition and Estimator Edition, the Report Favorites no longer reset to the default reports after closing and restarting the program.

  • [19329] In the Cover Sheet page of the Proposal Properties, the check box labelled “Require the use of Government property in the performance of this work.” no longer reverts to its previous state after a user selects or clears it and applies the change.

  • [19383] In Asset Tables, entering Land, Building, and Equipment overrides with three decimal places no longer causes an error message when the sum of the factors correctly equals 1.

  • [19172] An appropriate batch report error message now appears when printing a combined file to Excel with annual full pricing included, and a summary period does not exist for a resource. The bug only happened with combined files, and it was found in PROPRICER v9.2.118 and v9.3.106.

  • [19473] After running a batch report, the batch options can be changed in the report process without returning to the report setup. Prior to PROPRICER v9.3.105, different batch options would become available as needed when they were changed in the report process. An issue caused the available options to stay the same as the setup, preventing users from accessing and changing required options in the report process.

  • [18544] The command line parameter /wa now works with PROPRICERArchiver.exe, allowing Windows Authentication to be used to connect to PROPRICER. This is a fix for the Auto-Archiving feature.


  • During the PROPRICER installation, long letters (such as W) in a manually entered key no longer prevent the key from being accepted.



Here are some of the new features and enhancements we’re planning for future releases. Since the development of PROPRICER is driven by the needs and requests of our customers, this list is subject to change.

PROPRICER v9.3 R7 (Anticipated 2nd Quarter 2020)

  • Comparison BOM reports

  • Auto-Numbering

  • Multiple Customer-Driven Enhancements

PROPRICER v9.3 R8 (Anticipated 4th Quarter 2020)

  • Cash Flow and Billing

  • Dashboard

  • Detail Material Enhancements

  • Multiple Customer-Driven Enhancements

PROPRICER v9.3 R9 (Anticipated 2nd Quarter 2021)

  • New Search Capabilities

  • UI Enhancements

  • Multiple Customer-Driven Enhancements